Le Vamp UI

.UI Art for LeVamp, App Store Editor's choice, March 2013

. In addition to designing the look the UI, I created the intellectual property, and designed all characters backgrounds. See my concept portfolio for more details. 

Unused logo 

Icon for GDC T-Shirt Promo

Country Dance 3 UI

. This title for Xbox 360 Kinect and Nintendo Wii is currently unplublished.

. UI designed to operate with body motion read by camera or Wii remote

. Created all art (including characters and backgrounds) except CD3 Logo (placeholder)


Trivia 4 Two Game Screen

. This mobile title is currently unpublished
. Created all artwork in this mockup, including characters and backgrounds.

Kaplan University HUB

. Responsive Design interface for gamified online hub

. Created all art except High Voltage logo and placeholder photographs

Turret Reticule Concepts, Conduit 2

. Reticules for turrets (first person camera view) in Conduit 2

Iron Man 2 UI (Nintendo Wii)

Main Menu Profile Select

Minigame Puzzle Elements

UI Study (Study of a movie still from Iron Man)

Upgrade Icons for Main Menu
. Generated all art, except Iron Man specific pieces (suit and suit elements)

Concepts for Special Move icons